Download Ubuntu

Latest Stable version of Ubuntu can be downloaded from Ubuntu Download page. You can download the old stable versions and the latest beta versions also from Ubuntu Downloads Page. It is advisable to Install the LTS version of Ubuntu for better results. Because LTS stands for long term support. LTS versions are now offering official updates up-to 5 years.  Click here to Download Ubutnu.

How about Windows software in Ubuntu

Yes you can easily install and run Windows software in Ubuntu. Wine is one solution which gives you most of your windows apps right inside your Ubuntu installation. Now an ultimate solution is there an app named CrossOver pro - enables installation of windows software inside ubuntu. CrossOver Linux allows you to install many popular Windows productivity applications, plugins and games in Linux. Like they say " Your applications integrate seamlessly with your GNOME or KDE environment. It’s like running Windows on your Linux machine, but without Windows."      

Play Windows Games in Ubuntu

There is another Application from the same team behind CrossOver Linux. CrossOver Games (Ubuntu Edition) makes it possible to play Windows games such as World of Warcraft and many others. CrossOver Games is built on the latest versions of Wine. 

Top rated Apps 

Here is the list of top rated apps for your Ubuntu. As the ramp up of 12.04 is near, they are adding plenty of new apps for your Ubuntu. here they have listed top ten payed as well as the top free apps.